Unique Approach

My Program is Unique and Here’s Why…

  • I offer various art mediums and approaches from painting to collage to drawing to jewelry making and more.
  • I cater to the preferences and interests of your residents.  I have created art with seniors of all cognitive levels in various settings for many years. What I have learned is that art groups are not unique, it’s how it’s presented and facilitated that makes the difference.  I love what I do!
  • I can offer courses on famous artists, and then apply a hands-on approach to the style of the artist.  I can also utilize my photography background within the milieu to help your residents explore their vision through a camera’s eye, and then take the process even further.
  • I also enjoy incorporating music, poetry, objects from nature, and up-cycling (using items that may be discarded, and giving them a creative new life).
  • A Gallery or Art Showing can be done to showcase your program, and your resident’s work.
  • Conversations occur between group members that can bring laughter, reminiscing, community, encouragement, and understanding…Taking the creative path together…That’s what it’s all about!