This month’s featured artist is a life long art appreciator. In fact, Sue recalls coloring with crayons in a coloring book at the age of 5 or 6 and this was just the beginning. She said she wanted to go to art school “but in those days in Europe (Switzerland), her mother said, “nice girls don’t go to art school!” She is the only artist in her family although she has a brother who is an actor.

Sue is hearing impaired, so we communicate mostly by writing on paper or on her snazzy little LCD writing tablet. This does not stop this artist from coming to the art studio 3 times a week working diligently and taking much thought and deliberation in her concepts, colors, and mediums.

Sue said that she has always created art “on and off” but has always loved viewing art. She says with excitement, “I am a freak for museums!” She especially appreciates the Impressionists and Monet in particular. She beamed when she spoke of the beauty and detail of the peaceful painting of a female in white: “Fumee D’Ambris Gris” by French trained American Artist John Singer Sargent.

I asked her how creating art makes her feel. She admits to feelings of frustration by her “inability to translate my vision to medium”. While Sue can be a tough critic of her own work, everyone in the art group considers her a creative and talented artist. As one of her peers says, “Sue is always coming up with creative ideas”. She often has a sense of humor in her work, taking chances and having fun with new ways of creating.

I asked her what advice she can give to anyone who thinks they might be “too old” to make art and she said, “You are never too old to look around and see beauty and try to put it on paper”. *I always say it’s not always the destination that’s important…it’s the drive getting there…Be FREE!

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