Activity Staff Training

Activity Directors Wear Many Hats…

It’s no secret that activity directors are called upon to do and be many things, including:

Create diverse calendars, facilitate engaging programs, supervise and schedule staff, keep up with administrative duties, foster community and family relations, help with marketing, do the payroll and budget, be a cheerleader, referee, costume designer, decorator, professional shopper, and on and on…

As a former activity director of many years…I get it!

Activity Directors often have a lot of pressure to implement quality programs that not only subscribe to CMS Guidelines (F248 & F249), but also, the person centered needs and interests of the residents they serve.  It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that activities are provided that are therapeutic, and add value and enjoyment to your resident’s lives.

I can assist you in these areas:

  • Consult with you about your activity calendar and CMS Guidelines
  • Perhaps you just need a fresh perspective, and creative ideas for activities
  • How to best meet the needs of your residents and help create a more meaningful level of programming
  • Help keep administration, family members, and visitors satisfied
  • Offer in-services/workshops to staff to teach various therapeutic art programs:  More specifically, how to creatively engage residents of all cognitive levels.
  • Be impressive to DOH surveyors, and how you can show personalized programming choices
  • Fund raising ideas to supplement special projects or purchases for your department and residents
  • Put me on your calendar to run therapeutic art sessions with your residents!