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Some Suggestions for Art Materials and the Art Process

Utilizing art supplies to strengthen and promote creativity, autonomy, and independent decision making is essential. Promoting the client’s abilities and focusing on their strengths, rather than weaknesses.  It is important to note to offer assistance only when needed. At times some clients may need help with boundaries/spacial awareness, require adaptive brushes or scissors, and may need some hand-over-hand assistance.  Also, honing in on their unique individual interests, and encourage exploration using the art materials.  What fun it can be to experiment and combine different art materials!  For example, try using oil pastels and watercolors together.

Each person is unique and so is their preferences.  Learning to use chalk pastels for the first time  for example, may be freeing and fun for some and just plain “messy” for others.  However, the process of making art and being creative is inspiring and a learned experience.  I would also recommend adult art products (not elementary school products). While money is always an issue with budgets, spending a little more on a more vibrant watercolor palette for example may make it easier for your clients to use and see (as the old adage says: you get what you pay for!)

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Some of my clients with an art background will ask for a certain brand or specific color to use.  I always try to meet them where they are at, encourage a sense of community and support between group members.  Being specific with praise is key as well.  For example: I might say, “I really like the texture in the background” or “I am so proud of you.  You didn’t want to do art today and now look at this amazing and colorful painting!”  Asking clients to talk about the work, their experience doing it, and creating a title are all part of the process.  Very often I find people will laugh or share experiences spontaneously just because of the relaxed nature of these groups.  That’s what life is all about…Feeling good, being happy, and doing what you love!